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Episode 83: Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (2016)

On this episode of ERITFM, we're holding out for a HERO! And not just ANY hero! We're talking about the gay superhero SURGE, who originally appeared in 2004's SURGE OF POWER: THE STUFF OF HEROES, and now returns with the star-studded SURGE OF POWER: REVENGE OF THE SEQUEL! Joining us is pop culture writer and all around dynamite guy WILL HARRIS, who talks about his exciting new book project, if good music can also be fun, and ALL THINGS ERIC ROBERTS! Time to listen!
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Episode 23: The Steam Experiment (2009) & Golden Shoes (2015) (/w Samantha Lapierre)

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It's episode 23 of Eric Roberts is the Man, and we're joined by writer and raconteur Samantha Lapierre to discuss the SAW-inspired puffy Val Kilmer-starring suspense thriller THE STEAM EXPERIMENT. If you suspect it has a terrible twist ending, you would be right! We follow up with the inspirational soccer classic GOLDEN SHOES, which is UNBELIEVABLY wretched and still oddly fun. All of that, and plenty of ROBERTS REPORT news. Call in sick tomorrow and LISTEN!
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Episode 21: Heaven’s Prisoners (1996) & Dark Moon Rising (2015) (/w Ben Gordon)

It's MARCH MADNESS here at Eric Roberts is the Man, so we're joined by former Cineplex pre-show host and all-around man of mystery Ben Gordon to chat about two more Eric Roberts classics! First up is 1996's sweat-stained HEAVEN'S PRISONERS, which was shelved for two years and shows it. It features nude femme fatale Teri Hatcher, Alec Baldwin tears, shotgun murder and ERIC ROBERTS WITH CORNROWS. We follow up with the unwatchable DARK MOON RISING, which proceeded to sap our enthusiasm, coherence and will to live. I fear we'll never recover! All this and the ROBERTS REPORT so stop what you're doing and LISTEN.
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