Episode 23: The Steam Experiment (2009) & Golden Shoes (2015) (/w Samantha Lapierre)

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It’s episode 23 of Eric Roberts is the Man, and we’re joined by writer and raconteur Samantha Lapierre to discuss the SAW-inspired puffy Val Kilmer-starring suspense thriller THE STEAM EXPERIMENT. If you suspect it has a terrible twist ending, you would be right! We follow up with the inspirational soccer classic GOLDEN SHOES, which is UNBELIEVABLY wretched and still oddly fun. All of that, and plenty of ROBERTS REPORT news. Call in sick tomorrow and LISTEN!

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Samantha Lapierre is a writer, professional dog petter and karaoke star. Currently based in Ottawa, she will soon be living and trying her best in Toronto! You can find her rants, rants and memes over at . See what she’s really capable of by visiting samanthalapierre.ca.


On this week’s ROBERTS REPORT:


‘Empire’ actress AzMarie Livingston joins ‘Almost Amazing’

EXCLUSIVE: Torrei Hart, Simone Shepherd, Aeriel Miranda also among cast of US comedy-romance; production reveals footage.

Empire actress AzMarie Livingston has joined the cast of US comedy Almost Amazing, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.

The ensemble cast also includes Torrei Hart, Simone Shephard, Aeriel Miranda, Jazsmin Lewis, Erica Mena, Brian Hooks, Eric Roberts, Billy Blanks and Laura Govan.

Writer-director Justin Price’s comedy follows three men who run a professional breakup agency but who are failing to end their own deteriorating relationships.

Producers are Price, Khu, Reno Rankin, Matthew Simmons and Eddy Herrero. Price and DoP Khu previously collaborated on low-budget horrors Dark Moon Rising (2015) and Forsaken (2016).

Livingston, mononymously known as AzMarie, got her break on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion in 2012. She currently plays Chicken in Fox’s TV drama Empire, co-created by Lee Daniels.

Almost Amazing marks the model-turned-actress’s most prominent role to date following a minor role in Daniels’ 2009 drama Precious.


[PHOTO] Hollywood Actor Eric Roberts Arrives in Croatia

Hollywood Actor Eric Roberts Arrives in Croatia

Hollywood actor Eric Roberts has landed in the Croatian capital Zagreb on Tuesday afternoon…

Roberts, who has starred in a number of film and TV series and is the brother of actress Julia Roberts, will play one of the main roles in the film ‘Someone Dies Tonight’ which begins filming in Croatia this month.

“It is the first time I am here. I have heard that Croatia is very beautiful and an old country,” Roberts told portal Scena.hr after landing at Zagreb airport this afternoon.

‘Someone Dies Tonight’ will be produced by Dream Team Pictures from Germany in partnership with Mindfilms International from India and a Croatian producers.



Professor’s film to premiere on campus

A supernatural world full of mythical beings and musical songs set on East Carolina University’s campus comes alive tonight in Speight Auditorium.

“Through a Class Darkly,” a film written and directed by ECU professor Michael Tierno, takes a look at religion in an unconventional way. Tierno, creator of “Through a Class Darkly,” drew from his observations of religion to write the film.

“I’m obviously teaching in the Bible Belt and I’m sort of surrounded by a lot of faith based students,” said Tierno. “I’m more of an atheist myself. But I felt like it’s sometimes hard to feel all alone in the universe and these kids have faith and a lot of the rest of the world demonizes faith based people.”
Tierno said he felt bad for this demonization and decided to create the film as a “positive expression of the actual students themselves without necessarily saying that I’m that way.”

The film follows a girl named Madeline as she enters college and begins to struggle with her faith when a supernatural being offers her immortality for helping other students commit suicide. Amanda Higgins, who graduated from ECU in May of 2015, played the role of Madeline.
Both the ECU School of theatre and dance and the ECU School of cinematic arts and media production came together to create this film. As an added bonus, Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts joined the cast.
Roberts, known for his roles in “Batman: The Dark Knight” and “The Expendables” became a cast member after responded to a casting notice put out by a local casting director.
“He had a lot of experience and having [that] experience helped out a lot [on set],” said Tierno. “And the student actors were excited to be working with him.”


Once in a Lifetime: Just Go for It! With It’s Noted Ensemble Cast Is in Pre-Production

Once in a Lifetime: Just Go For It! is a much anticipated dramatic film written, directed and produced by the multi-talented hyphenate Randolph M. Hirsch.

Once in a Lifetime: Just Go For It! is a much anticipated dramatic film written, directed and produced by the multi-talented hyphenate Randolph M. Hirsch. This film has an all star ensemble cast consisting of Dominique Swain (Lolita opposite Jeremy Irons, Face Off opposite John Travolta), Eric Roberts (Inherent Vice, The Dark Knight), Tom Sizemore (Black Hawk Down, Heat), Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn), Robert Forster (The Descendants, Jackie Brown), Kathy Garver (Family Affair opposite Patty Duke), Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop 1 & 2, Airplane 2, Sky opposite Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus), Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance opposite Bai Ling), Dawna Lee Heising (Pond Scum, Ten Violent Women: Part 2), Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project) and just recently Nikki Leigh (former Playboy Playmate of the Year 2012). Also stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Minnie Driver, and Elijah Wood are now in negotiations to join the stellar cast.

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