Episode 21: Heaven’s Prisoners (1996) & Dark Moon Rising (2015) (/w Ben Gordon)

It’s MARCH MADNESS here at Eric Roberts is the Man, so we’re joined by former Cineplex pre-show host and all-around man of mystery Ben Gordon to chat about two more Eric Roberts classics! First up is 1996’s sweat-stained HEAVEN’S PRISONERS, which was shelved for two years and shows it. It features nude femme fatale Teri Hatcher, Alec Baldwin tears, shotgun murder and ERIC ROBERTS WITH CORNROWS. We follow up with the unwatchable DARK MOON RISING, which proceeded to sap our enthusiasm, coherence and will to live. I fear we’ll never recover! All this and the ROBERTS REPORT so stop what you’re doing and LISTEN.

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Ben Gordon is the former winner of the Cineplex CASTING CALL here in Canada, which meant we saw his fiendish grin before every film shown in Cineplex theaters for AN ENTIRE YEAR! That may be over, but he remains a wonderful, fun-loving guy who can be found on Twitter @itsbengordon. You can also find his Toronto International Film Festival coverage here: http://benattiff.tumblr.com/ 


Mentioned by Ben on this episode is this truly bizarre SNL sketch:

Watch Maine Justice in Comedy  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


On this week’s Roberts Report:

Liam briefly mentioned the trailer for the upcoming comedy COMPADRES featuring Kevin Pollack and Eric Roberts! Have a look:


Next up we look at a review for the TV show SCORPION, which I’m still not convinced actually exists. The pertinent bit:

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” Sly finally saw his game show dreams become a reality while the team caught a dubious case courtesy of Cabe’s old friend Mick Dougherty (Eric Roberts, “Lost Girl”) involving a possible bioweapon and high-end race cars, in the amusingly-titled “The Fast and the Nerdiest.”



We discussed this article called “Hollywood stars grab hoverboards at pre-Oscars party, despite government warnings”, which is truly amusing and includes a picture of ER!


And we looked at the upcoming faith film UNBRIDLED, which sounds awfully depressing, but will probably end up being inspiring. It mentions:

Eric Roberts, an award-winning actor and perennial film villain, is playing Roger in a scene being shot in the kitchen. He was in the area last week to film scenes.


Recently added to the ever-expanding Eric Roberts page is the Short Film OILED UP from director Richard Selvi.

Featuring an all star cast including Chick Zito, Cathy Moriarty, Vincent Pastore and ERIC ROBERTS as the delightfully named LOAN SHARK


Break #1 – “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle

Break #2 – “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Break #3 – “Ben” by Michael Jackson

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