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Episode 88: Descending Angel (1990) (/w Josh Alvarez)

IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL! This week on ERITFM we're going BACK TO THE PAST with a 1990 made-for-HBO movie about George C. Scott hiding a big ol' secret. He collaborated with NAZIS! Diane Lane is his daughter and thinks he's just GREAT, while her fiance is Eric Roberts who exposes his secret to the WORLD. Also, he steals a book for some reason. We're joined by the wonderful musician, writer, podcaster and gadabout Josh Alvarez to discuss Diane Lane's sexual history, how he and Liam met, favorite thanksgiving food(s), and all the latest Eric Roberts news. TIME TO DOWNLOAD! 
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Episode 59: Lansky (1999) (/w Daeron Wilson)

A wise guy, eh? We're classing up the joint on episode 59 of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN. Not only do we have special guest Daeron Wilson (from the Psychosemantic podcast) bringing his trademark mix of wit, punk and politics, but we've got a movie written by David Mamet! Before he went crazy! Not only that, but this made-for-HBO flick was directed by HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER'S John McNaughton and stars Richard Dreyfuss! Sure it's boring, but WHAT A PEDIGREE! Oh, and did we mention that it features Eric Roberts walking away with the whole movie as Bugsy Siegel? Well, now I have! TURN IT UP.
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Episode 45: The Alternate (2000) & Oz S01E04 (/w Will Slater)

It's WONDERFUL! It's MARVELOUS! It's ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN, featuring special guest Will Slater (from the Exploding Helicopter blog/podcast) helping us fulfill our BLOOD OATH! Will decided we needed a break, so first he's chosen the completely crazy modern action classic THE ALTERNATE, which has Ice-T, Michael Madsen and AN EXPLODING HELICOPTER. We follow that with an episode of OZ which tackles the difficult topic of capital punishment, but more importantly features Eric Roberts with a BEARD. IT'S ALL TOO MUCH. STOP READING AND START LISTENING.
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