Episode 88: Descending Angel (1990) (/w Josh Alvarez)

IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL! This week on ERITFM we’re going BACK TO THE PAST with a 1990 made-for-HBO movie about George C. Scott hiding a big ol’ secret. He collaborated with NAZIS! Diane Lane is his daughter and thinks he’s just GREAT, while her fiance is Eric Roberts who exposes his secret to the WORLD. Also, he steals a book for some reason. We’re joined by the wonderful musician, writer, podcaster and gadabout Josh Alvarez to discuss Diane Lane’s sexual history, how he and Liam met, favorite thanksgiving food(s), and all the latest Eric Roberts news. TIME TO DOWNLOAD!

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Our guest this week is the multi-talented Josh Alvarez. Check out his solo music at https://joshalvarez.bandcamp.com/,  and the music of Crossed Keys can be found right here. And don’t forget to check out his writing and podcasting over on cinepunx.com and on Twitter @pogifatboy

Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton
Break #2 – “Song About an Angel” by Sunny Day Real Estate