Episode 45: The Alternate (2000) & Oz S01E04 (/w Will Slater)

It’s WONDERFUL! It’s MARVELOUS! It’s ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN, featuring special guest Will Slater (from the Exploding Helicopter blog/podcast) helping us fulfill our BLOOD OATH! Will decided we needed a break, so first he’s chosen the completely crazy modern action classic THE ALTERNATE, which has Ice-T, Michael Madsen and AN EXPLODING HELICOPTER. We follow that with an episode of OZ which tackles the difficult topic of capital punishment, but more importantly features Eric Roberts with a BEARD. IT’S ALL TOO MUCH. STOP READING AND START LISTENING.

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Our guest this week is the host of the Exploding Helicopter podcast Will Slater!  Check out the podcast right here, and follow Twitter @chopperfireball!




Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “Alternative Ulster” by Stiff Little Fingers
Break #2 – “OZ Theme 2000” by Kool G Rap, Lord Jamar And Talib Kweli
Break #3 – “Al Capone” by Prince Buster