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Episode 86: Mindstorm (2001) (/w Michael Sullivan)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, boils and ghouls! To celebrate the SPOOKIEST time of the year, we've got 2001's MINDSTORM, which is sort of THE DEAD ZONE meets SCANNERS except not good! But it DOES have Michael Ironside, Michael Moriarty, Antonio Sabato Jr. and ERIC ROBERTS! To explore this psychic mayhem we're joined by SHOCK CINEMA MAGAZINE's Michael Sullivan, who chats about GRITTY, Celebrity Island, Joe Rogan, vegan burgers and SO MUCH MORE! LET US LISTEN!
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Episode 85: The Shadow Men (1998) (/w Stephanie Crawford)

HERE COME THE MEN IN BLACK! It's 1997, and the world is experiencing ALIEN FEVER thanks to the 1-2 punch of THE X-FILES and the blockbuster hit MEN IN BLACK. This was also the year that THE SHADOW MEN, featuring SPOOKY aliens and some (very different) MEN (actually alien-human hybrids) IN BLACK, was released. We're joined to talk about this classic by the always wonderful Stephanie Crawford, who regales us with stories of aliens, cannibalism, and smoking pot. A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL. Let's listen! 
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Episode 84: Paranormal Movie (2013) (/w Mike Delaney)

IT'S FINALLY OCTOBER and you know what THAT MEANS! SPOOKY MOVIES! We ease into the scary season with the Kevin Farley-directed PARANORMAL MOVIE, an absolutely pitiful, entirely laugh-free spoof of the already not-great PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise. It sucks! Thankfully, we have the always terrific Mike Delaney (from the SPLATHOUSE podcast!) to guide us through these choppy waters. TIME TO LISTEN!
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