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Episode 87: Black Wake (/w Scout Tafoya)

Time to (BLACK) wake and bake with your favorite Eric Roberts-related podcast! This time we're joined by writer, director and video essayist Scout Tafoya to discuss the found-footage Lovecraftian vanity project BLACK WAKE, featuring HOT CORPSES, space goo, and endless, nigh-incomprehensible monologues delivered directly to the screen! We also chat about CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS, guns, Halloween, and all things ERIC ROBERTS! Time to listen! 
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Episode 37: Chillerama (2011) & The House Across The Street (2013) (/w Jaime Burchardt)

In the latest FREAKY DEAKY episode of ERITFM we're joined by the always terrifying Jaime Burchardt to moan about two more Eric Roberts cinema classics. First up is the gleefully bad-taste extravaganza CHILLERAMA, which briefly features ER as General Bukkake in the anthology segment WADZILLA. Then we slow things down a little to investigate the Hitchcockian pleasures(?) of star-studded borefest THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET. It's all here, and it's all spooky. ENJOY!
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Episode 31: The Dead Want Women (2012) & Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs (2015) (/w Blaine McLaren)

Save your dinosaur, ride a COWBOY! It's another PREHISTORIC episode of Eric Roberts is the Man, and this time we're a-hootin' and a hollerin' about Charles Band's execrable THE DEAD WANT WOMEN and 2015's COWBOYS VS DINOSAURS! Along for the ride is Mondo McLaren's Blaine McLaren, and we even have a brief visit from ERIC ROBERTS: THE TRUE STORY author Phony McFakename. It's a packed show, so you better start listening right.. now!
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