Episode 31: The Dead Want Women (2012) & Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs (2015) (/w Blaine McLaren)

Save your dinosaur, ride a COWBOY! It’s another PREHISTORIC episode of Eric Roberts is the Man, and this time we’re a-hootin’ and a hollerin’ about Charles Band’s execrable THE DEAD WANT WOMEN and 2015’s COWBOYS VS DINOSAURS! Along for the ride is Mondo McLaren’s Blaine McLaren, and we even have a brief visit from ERIC ROBERTS: THE TRUE STORY author Phony McFakename. It’s a packed show, so you better start listening right.. now!

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This week’s guest is the spectacular Blaine McLaren! Check out his writing at http://mondomclaren.xyz/ and on Twitter @Mondo_McLaren!

And pick up a copy of Eric Roberts: The True* Story for your Kindle right now by clicking this link. You can also follow the author on Twitter @PhonyMcFakename



Break #1 – “Nobody Likes You When You’re Dead” by Zombina and the Skeletones

Break #2 – “Children of the Revolution” by T. Rex

Break #3 – “First Day Out The Feds” by Gucci Mane

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