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Episode 93: Heaven’s Fire (1999)

It's DIE HARD meets THE TOWERING INFERNO in 1999's HEAVEN'S FIRE, featuring: DAS BOOT's Jurden Prochnow, a whole bunch of Canadians, the kid from The Commish and ERIC ROBERTS! To cover such a slam bang action epic, we needed TWO guests, so welcome Scott Wampler and Katie Shultz from The Trying Times Podcast! On this episode we chat about free toilets, the rock band KISS, children (do we need them?) and, of ours, all things ERIC ROBERTS! TIME TO LISTEN! 
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Episode 90: Two Shades of Blue (1999)

It's the first ERITFM of 2019, and that means we're kicking off with a MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT. It's a rare episode featuring only Liam and Doug, but there's still plenty of ERIC ROBERTS news, as well as a deep dive on the 1999 thriller TWO SHADES OF BLUE, featuring DEAF PHONE SEX and ER banging someone.. TO DEATH! It's quite something. There's also talk about Dick Cheney, loose change, Christmas and SO MUCH MORE. Tune in! 
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Episode 5: The Coca-Cola Kid (1985) & Celebrity Wife Swap S03E03

Nothing’s gonna stop us now! That’s right, despite famine, pestilence, and a broken laptop, Episode 5 arrives ON TIME. This go around Todd and Doug are joined by the wonderful Christine Makepeace to chat about the extremely unusual 1985 romantic(?) comedy(?) THE COCA-COLA KID directed by Dusan Makavejev – who also brought us SWEET MOVIE and W.R. MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM – as well as Season 3, Episode 3 of the reality show WIFE SWAP where Eric and Eliza Roberts swapped wives (and lives) with LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS host Robin Leach and his wife Joan Severance. There
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