Episode 93: Heaven’s Fire (1999)

It’s DIE HARD meets THE TOWERING INFERNO in 1999’s HEAVEN’S FIRE, featuring: DAS BOOT’s Jurden Prochnow, a whole bunch of Canadians, the kid from The Commish and ERIC ROBERTS! To cover such a slam bang action epic, we needed TWO guests, so welcome Scott Wampler and Katie Shultz from The Trying Times Podcast! On this episode we chat about free toilets, the rock band KISS, children (do we need them?) and, of ours, all things ERIC ROBERTS! TIME TO LISTEN!

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Our guests this week are Scott Wampler and Katie Shultz from The Trying Times Podcast! Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottWamplerBMD and Katie on Twitter @dingzip and check out The Trying Times podcast right here.

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Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “Heaven’s On Fire” by KISS
Break #2 – “Shakedown” by Bob Seger