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Episode 73: Love Is A Gun (1994) & BONUS FRASIER (/w Stephanie Crawford)

So, we're starting with Eric Roberts. Pretty sweet, right? Then we add a little Eliza Roberts, a bit of R. Lee Ermey (RIP). How about a big dose of special guest Stephanie Crawford? Yeah, it's getting good, now. Well, how about we mix that up into a great big pot of weirdness called LOVE IS A GUN, featuring fingered brain holes, defiled weddings dresses, and all sorts of crazy twists? I KNOW. CAN IT GET ANY BETTER?! Well, yeah! We also talk about an episode of FRASIER, just to send this sucker to the stratosphere. STOP READING, DUMMY. IT'S TIME TO LISTEN!
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Episode 23: The Steam Experiment (2009) & Golden Shoes (2015) (/w Samantha Lapierre)

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It's episode 23 of Eric Roberts is the Man, and we're joined by writer and raconteur Samantha Lapierre to discuss the SAW-inspired puffy Val Kilmer-starring suspense thriller THE STEAM EXPERIMENT. If you suspect it has a terrible twist ending, you would be right! We follow up with the inspirational soccer classic GOLDEN SHOES, which is UNBELIEVABLY wretched and still oddly fun. All of that, and plenty of ROBERTS REPORT news. Call in sick tomorrow and LISTEN!
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