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Episode 84: Paranormal Movie (2013) (/w Mike Delaney)

IT'S FINALLY OCTOBER and you know what THAT MEANS! SPOOKY MOVIES! We ease into the scary season with the Kevin Farley-directed PARANORMAL MOVIE, an absolutely pitiful, entirely laugh-free spoof of the already not-great PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise. It sucks! Thankfully, we have the always terrific Mike Delaney (from the SPLATHOUSE podcast!) to guide us through these choppy waters. TIME TO LISTEN!
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Episode 12: Celebrity Ghost Stories S01E06 & Celebrity Ghost Hunt S01E01 (/w Izzy Lee & Liam O’Donnell)

It was on a night JUST LIKE TONIGHT when Eric Roberts decided to hurl himself headlong into MULTIPLE spooky reality TV show projects! That’s right! It’s our HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR where special guest(s) filmmaker Izzy Lee and CINEPUNX podcast host Liam O’Donnell join us to talk about CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES and CELEBRITY GHOST HUNT! We discuss ghosts, spooks, apparations, psychics and all things supernatural, while investigating OTHER celebs like Carnie Wilson, C. Thomas Howell and Christopher Atkins! THE CALLS ARE COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE and Eric Roberts is the Man is coming at you.. right… NOW. As always, check out ERIC
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