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Episode 41: Paul’s Case (1980) & Touched By An Angel S5E22 (/w Evan Munday)

Your REASON FOR LIVING returns! It's ERITFM episode #41, and we're getting spiritual! AGAIN! This time we've kidnapped writer and illustrator Evan Munday and forced him to watch a 1980 made-for-TV adaptation of Willa Cather's short story PAUL'S CASE (featuring an impossibly young Eric Roberts). Then we finished him off with an episode of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL featuring Eric Roberts as a traumatized, racist Vietnam vet who is running a sweatshop! That is, until he's hit by a beautiful big chunk of the holy spirit. You've got nothing better to do! Let's listen together!
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Episode 32: Power 98 (1996) & Six: The Mark Unleashed (2004) (/w Davecat)

HONK HONK! Gooooood morning, ladies and germs, it's time for your morning fix of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN, featuring your wacky drive-time favorites Liam "THE PUNKY BOY" O'Donnell and "MAD DOCTOR" Doug Tilley. We'll be coating you from head to toe in chuckles and guffaws as we run down 1996's shock jock murder thriller POWER 98 and follow up with the all-star faith-based rapture preach-a-thon SIX: THE MARK UNLEASHED. Joining us for this trip to the wacky shack is synthetiks advocate and cultural commentator Davecat! Tie on your joy buzzers and prepare your funny bone, because things are going to get WILD right.. after.. this.
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