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Episode 53: Chuck S04E05 & The Institute (2017) (/w John Nicholson)

Things are getting NERDY on the latest episode of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN! We’re joined by very special guest John Nicholson to look at an episode of the geeky cult TV show CHUCK guest-starring Dave Bautista, that guy from Avatar and ERIC ROBERTS. And, hey, do you like James Franco? Well, you get a double dose of FRANCO with 2017’s THE INSTITUTE, which he co-directed and stars in. And it blows! But if you like time period inaccurate pubes, a Keyser Soze hunchback and Eric Roberts getting sliced and diced by a pendulum.. You might dig it! All that
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Episode 7: Rude Awakening (1989) & Doctor Who (1996)

Everybody must get stoned! On Episode 7 of ERITFM we are joined by Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada's Jason Whyte to chat about two MORE illustrious Eric Roberts performances. First we discuss the late 80s hippy-dippy comedy RUDE AWAKENING which involves huge, ridiculous beards, talking fish and a CRAZY ending that almost redeems the whole big barrel of nonsense. Then we TIME HOP back to 1996 and the ill-fated DOCTOR WHO TV MOVIE which was meant to launch a new era for The Doc, but instead it went over like a wet balloon. Or a broken TARDIS. Or something. It DOES feature Eric Roberts hamming it up as THE MASTER, though, so YAY!
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