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Episode 8: The Nature of the Beast (1995) & Doc Holliday’s Revenge (2014) (/w Tonjia Atomic)

SIX! SIX! SIX! THE NATURE OF THE BEAST! Yeah, we’re back, and this time.. it’s personal. Fueled by Eric Roberts following us on Twitter (and our inevitably cease & desist letter), Episode 8 finds us in a contemplative mood as we discuss 1995’s THE NATURE OF THE BEAST (along with its controversial director) and 2014 DOC HOLLIDAY’S REVENGE (aka STRANDED), which is only controversial for being absolutely terrible. We are joined by the luminescent Tonjia Atomic, who is really way too talented to be stuck talking about Eric Roberts movies for 90 minutes, yet here we are! This one is
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Episode 7.5: Dead Saturday Interview

It's a SUPER SPECIAL *BONUS* EPISODE of ERITFM featuring our very first INTERVIEW! We were recently contacted by Director Ben Stark and writer Jeremy Burgess about their new short film DEAD SATURDAY, which just happens to star... wait for it.. Eric Roberts! Of course, we wanted all the important - and not so important - details, so we've invited them onto the show to chat about how the film originated, their experiences with crowdfunding, and - of course - how ER got involved and what it was like to work with him. Both were extremely gracious and honest, and this was a ton of fun. CHECK IT OUT!
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Episode 7: Rude Awakening (1989) & Doctor Who (1996)

Everybody must get stoned! On Episode 7 of ERITFM we are joined by Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada's Jason Whyte to chat about two MORE illustrious Eric Roberts performances. First we discuss the late 80s hippy-dippy comedy RUDE AWAKENING which involves huge, ridiculous beards, talking fish and a CRAZY ending that almost redeems the whole big barrel of nonsense. Then we TIME HOP back to 1996 and the ill-fated DOCTOR WHO TV MOVIE which was meant to launch a new era for The Doc, but instead it went over like a wet balloon. Or a broken TARDIS. Or something. It DOES feature Eric Roberts hamming it up as THE MASTER, though, so YAY!
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