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Episode 69: ALF’s Hit Talk Show (2004) (/w Adrianna Gober)

ALF is BACK! In TALK SHOW FORM?! It happened! For a brief, wonderful period in 2004 TV Land aired ALF'S HIT TALK SHOW, featuring the legendary Ed McMahon joining the 80's sitcom puppet star to chat with celebrities, perform comedic sketches and DAZZLE THE WORLD! And it was absolutely AWFUL! We're joined by Cinepunx writer Adrianna Gober to watch the final two episodes of the show, featuring SPECIAL GUESTS Tom Green, Vincent Pastore, Linda Blair and ERIC ROBERTS! Let's listen RIGHT NOW!
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Episode 31: The Dead Want Women (2012) & Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs (2015) (/w Blaine McLaren)

Save your dinosaur, ride a COWBOY! It's another PREHISTORIC episode of Eric Roberts is the Man, and this time we're a-hootin' and a hollerin' about Charles Band's execrable THE DEAD WANT WOMEN and 2015's COWBOYS VS DINOSAURS! Along for the ride is Mondo McLaren's Blaine McLaren, and we even have a brief visit from ERIC ROBERTS: THE TRUE STORY author Phony McFakename. It's a packed show, so you better start listening right.. now!
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