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Episode 104: Eric Roberts is the Man Redux – Restraining Order (1999)

It's the return of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN REDUX and on this episode we're joined by returning guest film critic Matthew Monagle to talk about the 1999 Eric Roberts thriller RESTRAINING ORDER, featuring Hannes Jaenicke, Tatjana Patitz, and Dean Stockwell! We also chat about our favorite TV theme songs, erectile dysfunction, mockbusters and SO MUCH MORE! CHECK IT OUT!
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A Belarusian government-funded propaganda action film featuring Sally Kirkland and ERIC ROBERTS? That sort of thing is par for the course on Eric Roberts is the Man REDUX. On this episode we're joined by writer/podcaster Robert Skvarla to talk about male enhancement, smoking pot, JOKER, and 2016's THE CODE OF CAIN. All that and the latest Eric Roberts news, so why not listen?
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Episode 102: Eric Roberts is the Man Redux – A Karate Christmas Miracle (2019)

What better way to celebrate the life and work of actor Eric Roberts than watching a film where his performance was pasted in from a different movie entirely? That's the case with A KARATE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, which is already pretty darn confusing, and then they add in scenes from a horror movie, and then forget to have any karate in it. OOPS! Anyway, this is real bad, but thankfully we have martial arts expert (and author of the memoir I OVERCAME MY AUTISM AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY ANXIETY DISORDER) Sarah Kurchak joining us to break it all down in detail. IT'S A MIRACLE!
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