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Episode 35: American Strays (1996) & Cecil B. Demented (2000)

Everything old is new again on Episode 35 of Eric Roberts is the Man! It's a busy time of year, so Doug and Liam decide to go guestless and dig into a couple of specially picked ER classics! First we discuss the post-Pulp Fiction independent scene, Luke Perry, and the proper spelling of Till(e)y with 1996's AMERICAN STRAYS. Then we took a wicked left turn into John Waters territory with 2000's celebration of revolutionary filmmaker CECIL B. DEMENTED. It's low-calorie, low-cost and tastes SO good. Check it out!
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Episode 34: National Security (2003) & Witless Protection (2008) (/w Jesse Hawken)

On the latest episode of Eric Roberts is the Man we GIT-ER-DONE with the help of comedy legends Martin Lawrence and Larry The Cable Guy! First up is the action-comedy NATIONAL SECURITY, which cleverly mines police brutality for plenty of (terrible, unfunny) humor! Then we go down south for 2008's WITLESS PROTECTION which is utter, utter garbage. Also, Eric Roberts is in both of them! Poor Jesse Hawken had to join us for this cavalcade of pain, so do him a favor and LISTEN!
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