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Episode 27: Celebrity Rehab (Part 1) (/w Danny Bowes)

Turn on, tune in, drop out! It's episode 27 of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN, and this time we're diving deep on the first half of Season 4 of the execrable reality show CELEBRITY REHAB featuring a STAR-STUDDED cast including Janice Dickinson, Leif Garrett, Jeremy London and ERIC ROBERTS! We're joined by film and TV critic Danny Bowes, and you're not going to want to miss it when Dr. Drew is in his sights. All that and the latest Eric Roberts news. What more could a person want?
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Episode 25: Phat Girlz (2006) & Chicks Dig Gay Guys (2014) (/w Dave Cave)

It's Episode 25 of the ALWAYS titillating Eric Roberts is the Man podcast! This time around we have comedian Dave Cave on-hand to help us squeeze out some plus-sized love for the Monique-starring comedy PHAT GIRLZ from 2006. Then we grit our teeth and think of England as we discuss the HORRIFICALLY offensive CHICKS DIG GAY GUYS. Holy HANNAH it's bad! And of course we'll catch you up on the latest Eric Roberts news, including his FIVE FAVORITE FILMS. Check it out.
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