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Episode 14: Law & Order: SVU (Season 2, Episode 13) & Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Season 7, Episode 13) (/w Brandon Bird)

In the Eric Roberts podcast world, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: Our hosts, who have made a blood oath to carefully examine and discuss the works of actor Eric Roberts; and our guest, on this episode illustrator & cartoonist Brandon Bird, who has devoted his life to the study of the Law & Order franchise. These are their stories. LISTEN and discover Brandon Bird's favorite Law & Order DA! Todd's favorite Street Fighter character! And the story of how an Eric Roberts lunchbox ended up in the MAN's hands! LOCK YOURSELF AWAY AND EXPERIENCE Eric Roberts is the Man Episode 14.
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Episode 13: King of the Gypsies (1978) & Less Than Perfect S01E01 (Pilot) (/w Will Harris)

CALL IN SICK and SEND THE KIDS TO THE SITTERS, it's time for episode 13 of Eric Roberts is the Man - the #1 ranked Eric Roberts-related podcast IN THE WORLD. This time we've been coerced into watching Eric Robert's starmaking performance in 1978's KING OF THE GYPSIES, as well as the pilot for the sitcom LESS THAN PERFECT, and to help with this mammoth task we're joined by pop-culture writer, interviewer and KING OF RANDOM ROLES Will Harris, who has conversed with ER on multiple occasions. IT'S TRUE! It's a revelatory episode, and it's time to listen.. right.. NOW.
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