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Episode 2: Runaway Train (1985) & DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

It’s Episode 2 of the #1 ranked Eric Roberts-based podcast on iTunes! This time around we’re graced with our VERY FIRST GUEST – friend of the show and ERITFM theme song composer Lucas “Roo” Raymond! And Roo’s in luck, since Doug and Todd are chatting about two stone-cold ER classics: the 1985 train-on-the-loose action film RUNAWAY TRAIN and the 2006 cheesecake martial arts video-game adaptation DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE! But that’s not all! Get a straight-shot of Eric Roberts news right into your brain-stem, including this new series of commercials from Kerastase featuring Roberts as a hair-obsessed therapist! Nothing weird about that!
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Episode 1: Star 80 (1983) and First Dog (2010)

It’s EPISODE 1 of the ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN podcast! On this episode our hosts Doug Tilley and Todd Rigney meet for the first time and soon begin to understand the immensity of their task. Everything Eric Roberts must be watched: interviews, reality show appearances, soap operas, and – of course – MOVIES. Forgive the haphazardness of things, as they are still finding their feet. By Episode 2 they’ll be off to the races. On this episode they discuss 1983’s STAR 80 featuring Eric Roberts as the unbelievably sleazy Paul Snider, as well as 2009’s FIRST DOG featuring Eric Roberts as the (less
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