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Episode 81: Justice League “War World” & Justice League Unlimited “For The Man Who Has Everything” (/w Pat Shand)

Face front, true believers, it’s time for a two-fisted tale of daring do featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and ERIC ROBERTS?! On this episode of Eric Roberts is the *censored* Man, we’re watching our precious CARTOONS, with two episodes of Justice League and one of Justice League Unlimited, including the adaptation of Alan Moore’s “For The Man Who Has Everything”! We’re joined on this excursion of superheroics by comic book writer Pat Shand, who helps Liam and Doug determine which is better: cake or pie! Let’s listen! EXCELSIOR! As always, check out ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN on Twitter, or
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Episode 22: Hunt to Kill (2010) & The Condemned 2 (2015)

LISTEN UP, BROTHER! It’s WRESTLEMANIA season at ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN, and we’re joined by wrestling expert Matt Hollinger to talk about TWO films where ER pairs with stars from the squared circle. First up finds Eric Roberts re-teaming (briefly) with his EXPENDABLES co-star “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the 2010 CLIFFHANGER riff HUNT TO KILL. Then there’s THE CONDEMNED II which finds Roberts as the father of WWE superstar Randy Orton in a barely related sequel to the Steve Austin-starring THE CONDEMNED from 2007. Pull out your 24-inch pythons and enjoy! As always, check out ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN
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