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Episode 87: Black Wake (/w Scout Tafoya)

Time to (BLACK) wake and bake with your favorite Eric Roberts-related podcast! This time we're joined by writer, director and video essayist Scout Tafoya to discuss the found-footage Lovecraftian vanity project BLACK WAKE, featuring HOT CORPSES, space goo, and endless, nigh-incomprehensible monologues delivered directly to the screen! We also chat about CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS, guns, Halloween, and all things ERIC ROBERTS! Time to listen! 
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Episode 15: Raggedy Man (1981) & Camp Dread (2014) (/w Justine Smith)

OMG! WTF! We’re back with more Eric Robertsy goodness and this time.. it’s personal! PERSONALLY AWESOME, as we’re covering the Sissy Spacek-starring romance/drama/horror(?) RAGGEDY MAN (/w Eric Roberts in sailor suit) and the 2014 slasher movie CAMP DREAD! A strange combo? Blame our awesome guest Justine Smith, who is a great writer, personality & person – and I’m not just saying that because she’s CANADIAN. Lots of news! LOTS OF LOVE! Check out Eric Roberts is the Man episode 15. As always, check out ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN on Twitter, or come chat ER (or anything else) on our
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