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Episode 97: Sorority Slaughterhouse (2016)

Time to get DOWN with the CLOWN on episode 97 of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN! For (perhaps) the final time, we delve into the rich filmography of David DeCoteau to look at 2016’s SORORITY SLAUGHTERHOUSE, where the soul of Eric Roberts is transferred into a 12 inch demonic clown named BOBO! Does he murder a bunch of co-eds while snapping off one-liners? YOU BET HE DOES! What better guest to help us clown around than Eric Roberts superfan Lindsay Lassen. LISTEN UP! As always, check out ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN on Twitter, or come chat ER (or anything
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Episode 81: Justice League “War World” & Justice League Unlimited “For The Man Who Has Everything” (/w Pat Shand)

Face front, true believers, it’s time for a two-fisted tale of daring do featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and ERIC ROBERTS?! On this episode of Eric Roberts is the *censored* Man, we’re watching our precious CARTOONS, with two episodes of Justice League and one of Justice League Unlimited, including the adaptation of Alan Moore’s “For The Man Who Has Everything”! We’re joined on this excursion of superheroics by comic book writer Pat Shand, who helps Liam and Doug determine which is better: cake or pie! Let’s listen! EXCELSIOR! As always, check out ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN on Twitter, or
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