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Episode 89: Slow Burn (1986) (/w Matt Curione)

Eric Roberts and JOHNNY DEPP?! It happened! On this episode of ERITFM we look at the made-for-Showtime neo-noir SLOW BURN, featuring Eric Roberts as a private detective drawn into the complex and sleazy world of kidnapping, child abuse, forced heroin addiction and all sorts of other unpleasant stuff. Thankfully, we get a game supporting cast including Beverly D’Angelo, Dan Hedaya, Henry Gibson and an impossibly young Johnny Depp! Before he was a weird, abusive sleazeball! We also discuss film preservation, TELEMUNDO, our favorite languages and SO MUCH MORE. You must listen! As always, check out ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN on
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Episode 58: The L Word Season 3, Episode 12 & Wrong Number (2002) (/w Brendan Foley)

On this SURPRISINGLY LATE episode of Eric Roberts is the Man, we welcome writer and podcaster Brendan Foley to JOIN US in celebrating two more Eric Roberts CLASSICS! First we look at a Season 3 episode of THE L WORD with absolutely no context, and you can hear us struggle to understand the seemingly dozens of plotlines and characters, including Pam Grier getting pregnant! APPARENTLY! Also, Eric Roberts is there. Then we look at the 2002 thriller WRONG NUMBER where ER is murdered again and again, RASHOMON-style, and then the whole thing ends in one of the most ridiculous TWISTS
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Episode 43: C.S.I. S13E22 & C.S.I. S14E01 & Amityville Death House (2015) (/w Mike Delaney)

Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen, it's the latest episode of Eric Roberts is the Man, and this time we're diving deep on two late-era C.S.I. episodes featuring Ted Danson, Black Sabbath, Tim Matheson, and ERIC ROBERTS. There's data encoded in sweat, a dehydrated mummy, killer spiders, and plenty of other complete nonsense on display. Then we shift gears to check out Mark Polonia's Amityville Death House from 2015, featuring Eric Roberts'... voice! Also, a six-boobed woman and a spider-lady. It gets weird. This time we're joined by the ever-awesome Mike Delaney from the SPLATHOUSE Podcast. No time to waste, let's start watching right.. NOW!
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