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Episode 67: Final Analysis (1992) (/w the creators of The Bobby Roberts Project)

It’s time to travel back to 1992 when every movie was STEAMY, SEXY and featured RICHARD GERE! Patrick Richter, Yajaira Marie and Tom Wilbeck from the mockumentary series THE BOBBY ROBERTS PROJECT join us to discuss 1992’s twisty Hitchcock tribute FINAL ANALYSIS, with Kim Basinger, Uma Thurman and ERIC ROBERTS! We also chat about music videos, gerbil stuffing, 2018’s Cinepocalypse film festival and so, so much more. All that and the latest Eric Roberts news. LET’S LISTEN! As always, check out ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN on Twitter, or come chat ER (or anything else) on our Facebook group. Don’t forget
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Episode 33: Eric Roberts Music Videos (/w Danny Haloossim)

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? On episode 33 of Eric Roberts is the Man we BRING THE NOISE with a look at the entire Eric Roberts videography! Yes, we look at all of ER's music video appearances, including tracks from The Killers! Akon (featuring Eminem!)! Mariah Carey! Ja Rule! And so, SO much more. Joining us for our video countdown is jukebox hero (and co-host of The Songs of Tori Amos podcast) Danny Haloossim. Drop the needle and bring the noise, and don't forget to subscribe.
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