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Episode 55: Hawaii Five-0 Season 5, Episode 10 & Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper (2014) (/w Sarah Jane)

It's an IMMENSE NEW EPISODE of Eric Roberts is the Man, packed with news, views, and scantily clad dudes! We start off with some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS, including the imminent release of ERITFM t-shirts! With a filthy word on the front! Then we talk about an episode of Hawaii Five-0 featuring William Forsythe, a terrible Counting Crows song and ERIC ROBERTS. Then we shift gears to playfully tackle David DeCoteau's masterwork BIGFOOT VS D.B. COOPER featuring (the voice of) Linnea Quigley and (the voice of) Eric Roberts, as well as lots and lots of shirtless guys posing in a mirror. We're joined in all of this by the amazing Sarah Jane from Talk Film Society. LET'S LISTEN!
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