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Episode 90: Two Shades of Blue (1999)

It's the first ERITFM of 2019, and that means we're kicking off with a MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT. It's a rare episode featuring only Liam and Doug, but there's still plenty of ERIC ROBERTS news, as well as a deep dive on the 1999 thriller TWO SHADES OF BLUE, featuring DEAF PHONE SEX and ER banging someone.. TO DEATH! It's quite something. There's also talk about Dick Cheney, loose change, Christmas and SO MUCH MORE. Tune in! 
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Episode 17: Purgatory (1999) & The Long Ride Home (2003) (/w Rob Trench)

Consarn it, it’s Eric Roberts is the Man 17 and this dadburn episode features two classic, timeless WESTERNS featuring – you guessed it – ERIC ROBERTS! To avoid being dumfungled, we’re joined by writer and podcaster ROB TRENCH, who delights and entertains us as we look at the made-for-TNT supernatural western PURGATORY – with an all-star cast including SAM SHEPARD, RANDY QUAID, DONNIE “Donnie Don” WAHLBERG and ERIC ROBERTS. If that wasn’t enough star power, we follow it up with 2003’s THE LONG RIDE HOME starring RANDY TRAVIS as a mustachioed outlaw who is being hunted down by ERNEST BORGNINE. Also, ERIC ROBERTS
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