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Episode 47: Voyage (1993) & Cool Cat Finds a Gun (2013) (/w Michael Sullivan)

Go ahead, punk! MAKE OUR DAY by listening to the later ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN podcast! This episode features the triumphant return from Shock Cinema and Cinema Sewer contributor Michael Sullivan covering two Eric Roberts-starring classics! First we sail away with Rutger Hauer, Karen Allen, Connie Nielsen and ERIC ROBERTS in the 1993 made-for-TV movie VOYAGE! Then we reload and target the legendary 2013 children's safety film COOL CAT FINDS A GUN with a special PSA about gun-safety from Eric Roberts! It's almost TOO MUCH, but we're giving it to you FREE OF CHARGE because we LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! Poke out your eyes because you don't need them to listen.. RIGHT.. NOW!
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