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Episode 65: A Husband for Christmas (2016) (/w Paul Freitag-Fey)

HO HO HO! What better way to close off 2017 than a return to the filmography of ERITFM’s favorite director David DeCoteau? This time we get Vivica A Fox being forced by her creepy boss (ERIC ROBERTS!) to marry Ricco Ross so he can move to the United States in 2016’s A HUSBAND FOR CHRISTMAS. Will the couple eventually fall in love on Christmas Day? GUESS YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO LISTEN AND SEE! We’re joined by Daily Grindhouse’s Paul Freitag-Fey tell us all about director’s cuts, streaming video sites, Jackée, and MUCH MORE! HAPPY  HOLIDAYS FROM ERITFM! As always, check out ERIC
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Episode 62: Live at the Cinepocalypse Film Festival with Eric Roberts!

IT HAPPENED! The stars aligned, bringing Doug and Liam face-to-face with the man himself ERIC ROBERTS, LIVE in front of an exuberant crowd at the CINEPOCALYPSE Film Festival in Chicago, Illinois. Want the dirt on DOCTOR WHO? It's here! Need to know if the lines for A TALKING CAT!?! were really recorded in a bathroom? We've got the answer. Want to hear about STALKED BY MY DOCTOR? THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE? The MR. BRIGHTSIDE music video? WE ASK HIM EVERYTHING! And listen to the very end to hear if Eric relieves our two hosts from their blood oath to cover his life and career! STOP READING AND START LISTENING! 
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Episode 9: A Halloween Puppy (2012) & A Talking Cat!?! (2013) (/w Peter Kuplowsky)

We get plenty of requests here at the ERITFM ranch, but no film gets suggested to us more often than David DeCoteau’s talking animal masterpiece A TALKING CAT!?! But did you know that before A TALKING CAT!?! Eric Roberts also voiced a talking.. dog!?! Its the battle of the David DeCoteau-directed, Kristine DeBell-starring, Eric Roberts-voiced animals with A HALLOWEEN PUPPY facing off against A TALKING CAT!?! We needed to knock this one out of the park, so we recruited producer, film festival programmer and all-around movie guy Peter Kuplowsky to lend his voice – and expertise – to this deep
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