Episode 98: Endangered Species (2003)

On episode 98 of ERITFM we’re hunting the most dangerous game of all.. MAN! THE man, even, as Eric Roberts and his police buddies get hunted down by an intergalactic big game hunter in the surprisingly entertaining action horror science fiction movie ENDANGERED SPECIES from director Kevin Tenney (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, WITCHBOARD). Desperately outclassed (as per usual), Liam and Doug are joined by the wonderful writer/critic Matthew Monagle to bring a little sense to the proceedings. We talk Richard Marx, cats, DMX and all the latest Eric Roberts news. WHAT FUN!

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This week’s guest is the tremendous writer (and all-around human) Matthew Monagle, who can be found on Twitter at @LabSplice. Check out his assembled writing (for One Perfect Shot, Film School Rejects and others) at https://monagle.journoportfolio.com/.

Break #1 – “Bop Gun (Endangered Species)” by Parliament Funkadelic
Break #2 – “Lotion” by The Greenskeepers