Episode 96: Border Blues (2004)

RUSSIANS? THE SOUTHERN BORDER? No, it’s not the hellscape that is 2019, it’s 2004’s BORDER BLUES, a semi-sequel(?) to a television series starring Gary Busey as a psychic police chief, and Eric Roberts as COYOTE LARRY. It’s pretty darn strange. Thankfully, we have ThatShelf.com editor-in-chief Will Perkins joining us to talk about title sequences, Boys II Men, Henry Winkler, Kaiju and all things Eric Roberts. Time to listen!

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If you’re in the US, check out Border Blues on Tubi.TV here, or on Amazon Prime.

Our guest this week is the outstanding Will Perkins, editor-in-chif of ThatShelf.com and editor at Art of the Title! Find him on Twitter @WilliamHPerkins

Break #1 – “Across the Border” by Electric Light Orchestra
Break #2 – “Arizona Colt” by Fransesco De Masi