Episode 9: A Halloween Puppy (2012) & A Talking Cat!?! (2013) (/w Peter Kuplowsky)

We get plenty of requests here at the ERITFM ranch, but no film gets suggested to us more often than David DeCoteau’s talking animal masterpiece A TALKING CAT!?! But did you know that before A TALKING CAT!?! Eric Roberts also voiced a talking.. dog!?! Its the battle of the David DeCoteau-directed, Kristine DeBell-starring, Eric Roberts-voiced animals with A HALLOWEEN PUPPY facing off against A TALKING CAT!?! We needed to knock this one out of the park, so we recruited producer, film festival programmer and all-around movie guy Peter Kuplowsky to lend his voice – and expertise – to this deep digging discussion of DeCoteau. Grab your favorite pet and snuggle up in front of the podcast box, because it’s time for episode 9 of Eric Roberts is the Man.

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Some unusual news on this episode’s ROBERTS REPORT. Including:

Here’s that Max von Sydow tweet about joining GAME OF THRONES. Remember, if Eric Roberts ends up on Game Of Thrones, you heard it here first!


Is that even really Max von Sydow?

We spoke about the new music video by “famous Russian pop singer” Geneva which features Eric Roberts as a knife thrower from a traveling circus.  You can read about the video here: http://thehollywoodtimes.net/2015/09/01/actor-eric-roberts-is-starring-in-the-new-music-video-you-knew-that-by-russian-singer-geneva/, and we’ll post it around once it actually appears. It sounds delightfully wacky.

Don’t forget to watch the recent episode of ENCOUNTERS WITH ERIC AND ELIZA with guests Lucas and Sam Sam. Of course, we’ll have to cover this – and every other episode – eventually. But keep up on the latest!

And we’ll continue to give you the latest news on our #SPEEDBALL watch.

Music for this episode:

Break #1 – “The Puppy Song” by Harry Nilsson

Break #2 – “100 Ways To Love a Cat” by The Angry Grandpa

Break #3 – “Kitty Cat Dance” by Steve Ibsen

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