Episode 82: It’s My Party (1996)

What do you do when your ridiculous Eric Roberts podcast has to cover a prestige drama featuring such intense topics such as the AIDS crisis, assisted suicide and right-to-die? You invite renowned movie and television critic Simon Abrams on the show to do all the heavy lifting! 1996’s IT’S MY PARTY is a star-studded affair, and tackles the controversial subject matter with sincerity and heart, thanks to a game (though mostly straight) cast, and the obviously personal investment by director/writer Randal Kleiser. We also talk about CELEBRITY ISLAND, our favorite Guillermo del Toro movies and all things Eric Roberts. LET’S LISTEN!

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Martin Kemp claims the island was like rehab and after he returned home the little things that would've annoyed him before didn't seem like such a big deal. Pictured, left to right: Anthony Ogogo, Paris Lees, Montana Brown, Roxanne Pallett, Jo Wood, Eric Roberts, Pete Wicks, Martin Kemp and James Cracknell

Our guest this week is movie and television critic Simon Abrams! Check him out on Twitter right here, as keep up on his latest work on his  Letterboxd profile right here.

Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton
Break #2 – “Blockbuster” by The Sweet