Episode 74: The Civilization Of Maxwell Bright (2005) (/w Rockie Juarez)

Look, I don’t know how to write about THE CIVILIZATION OF MAXWELL BRIGHT. It’s ostensibly a comedy, though is rarely funny and is often downright depressing. It’s also a drama, but featured a completely unhinged Patrick Warburton performance that has to be seen to be believed. There’s also a bevy of famous faces who make small appearances, including Jennfer Tilly, John Glover, Norah Dunn and Carol Kane. It’s a crazy, crazy, CRAZY movie, but is it any good? Don’t ask me! Ask our guest Rockie Juarez, who joins us to talk DOCTOR WHO, drinking piss, UK celebs and SO MUCH MORE! Let’s listen!

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Our guest this week is the unbelievable Rockie Juarez, who writes for Isle of Cinema, is half of takeOne, and is a regular contributor to The Talk Film Society Podcast. Follow him on Twitter at @RockieWarAntz.

Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “Lover I Don’t Have To Love” by Bright Eyes
Break #2 – “I Ain’t No Joke” by Eric B and Rakim