Episode 46: Wolves of Wall Street (2002) & Fear Itself S01E02 (/w Duncan McLeish)

BARK AT THE MOON! It’s Eric Roberts is the Man #46, and we’ve gone FERAL after watching the OG David DeCoteau/Eric Roberts collaboration WOLVES OF WALL STREET! Then we get SPOOKED with an episode of the all-star horror anthology series FEAR ITSELF, directed by SESSION 9’s Brad Anderson. For such a special combination we need a special guest, and they don’t come much more special than The Podcast Under the Stair’s supremely Scottish Duncan McLeish! All that and the latest ERIC ROBERTS news. LISTEN NOW!

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Our guest this week is the outstanding Duncan McLeish of The Podcast Under the Stairs!  Check out the podcast right here, and follow Duncan on Twitter at @Visual_Kaoss. You can also find The Podcast Under the Stairs on Twitter @TPUTScast




Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy Ozbourbe
Break #2 – “Lie! Lie! Lie!” by Serj Tankian
Break #3 – “Cosmic Truth” by HEXVESSEL