Episode 42: Glee S05E18 & A Cry From Within (2014) (/w Sarah Kurchak)

This episode of Eric Roberts is the Man is DIVERSE as hell! Not only do we have (returning) guest Sarah Kurchak back with us to lend her expertise on MMA and Robert Vaughn, but we’re covering an episode of the TV show GLEE, as well as the 2014 star-studded spook story A CRY FROM WITHIN. We’re without regular co-host in blood Liam O’Donnell, so things are bound to fly off the rails even more than usual. SO MUCH ERIC ROBERTS, but is it too much? Listen and find out!

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Our guest this week is the incredible Sarah Kurchak, writer for The Establishment, Fightland and Consequences of Sound. Find her on twitter @FodderFigure.

Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “Piece of My Heart” by Darren Criss And Shirley MacLaine (from the TV show GLEE)
Break #2 – “Cryin'” by Roy Orbison
Break #3 – “Act IV, Scene IV Soliloquy from Hamlet” by Robert Vaughn