Episode 38: Hitman’s Run (2009) & Bonnie and Clyde: Justified (2013) (/w Josh Stewart)

The world’s a toilet, so why not escape from it with the latest episode of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN? This time we have a JAM PACKED SHOW where guest Josh Stewart joins us to talk Mark L. Lester’s 1999 action film HITMAN’S RUN, featuring both C. Thomas Howell AND Eric Roberts. Then we switch gears and chat about David Decoteau’s romance classic BONNIE AND CLYDE: JUSTIFIED, which is really quite something. All that and the latest Eric Roberts news, including stirring tales of kidney stones. Jam it in your ears right now.

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Our guest this week is the fantastic Josh Stewart! Check him out on Twitter right now @Brakywaki, He also has a new website coming soon, and you can check out old episodes of Mentertainment Weely right here.

Music on this episode:

Break #1 – “Run With Us” by Lisa Lougheed

Break #2 – “Bonnie and Clyde” by Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot

Break #3 – “Gremlins 2 (Main Theme)” by Jerry Goldsmith