Episode 30: Spun (2002) & Skin Traffik/A Hitman in London (2015) (/w Aundria)

Put your weight on it! On this BRAND SPANKING new episode of Eric Roberts is the Man we’re joined by podcast ringer Aundria to discuss the drug-addled cameo-fest SPUN and the spiffy (and iffy) actioner A HITMAN IN LONDON (aka SKIN TRAFFIK). Both films have Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts REUNITED, and it feels so very, very good. Get up offa that thing and LISTEN.

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We’re joined on this episode by the astonishing Aundria! Check her out on Twitter @parkerandcooley and her writing can be found at http://parkerandcooley.tumblr.com/

Break #1 – “Spin Spin Sugar” by The Sneaker Pimps

Break #2 – “The Boss” by James Brown

Break #3 – “Number of the Beast” by Zwan

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