Episode 29: Sharktopus (2010) & Sicilian Vampire (2015) (/w Will Sloan)

On this episode of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN we have MORE ERIC ROBERTS THAN WE CAN HANDLE! Thankfully, we have writer, podcaster and Frank D’Angelo aficionado Will Sloan at our sides while we hang 10 with the dreaded SHARKTOPUS, before rolling around in a big bucket of Italian spaghetti in the star-studded SICILIAN VAMPIRE. All of this, and the latest Eric Roberts news, including a very special TWEET OF THE WEEK. Who are you to resist?

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You can find Will Sloan at the The Important Cinema Club with former ERITFM guest Justin Decloux!

You can also find him on the Michael Moore-retrospective podcast Michael and Us.

Read Will’s look at the Frank D’Angelo cinematic universe at Torontoist right here:


and his review of SICILIAN VAMPIRE for The Globe and Mail.




Break #1 – “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” by The Decemberists

Break #2 – “Just A Gigolo” by Frank D’Angelo

Break #3 – “”Coax My” by Sloan

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