Episode 24: The Specialist (1994) & The Expendables (2010) (/w Stephen Scarlata)

It’s episode 24 of Eric Roberts is the Man and that means it’s STALLONEAPOLOOZA, with two films pairing Sylvester Stallone and the birthday boy himself, Eric Roberts! For such a special occasion, we need a special guest, so we’re joined by writer, producer and all around SUPER GUY Stephen Scarlata to help us digest this celebratory feast of Eric Roberts goodies. Do we start with the early 90s erotic action sleaze of THE SPECIALIST, or the all-star action extravaganza THE EXPENDABLES? DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! Just LISTEN!

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Break #1 – “The Specialist” by John Barry

Break #2 – “The Expendables” by Brian Tyler

Break #3 – “It’s Time” by Madball

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