Episode 22: Hunt to Kill (2010) & The Condemned 2 (2015)

LISTEN UP, BROTHER! It’s WRESTLEMANIA season at ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN, and we’re joined by wrestling expert Matt Hollinger to talk about TWO films where ER pairs with stars from the squared circle. First up finds Eric Roberts re-teaming (briefly) with his EXPENDABLES co-star “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the 2010 CLIFFHANGER riff HUNT TO KILL. Then there’s THE CONDEMNED II which finds Roberts as the father of WWE superstar Randy Orton in a barely related sequel to the Steve Austin-starring THE CONDEMNED from 2007. Pull out your 24-inch pythons and enjoy!

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Matt Hollinger is the pride of Des Moines, Iowa and can be found on Twitter @hollinger. Make him happy by attending the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame from July 21st-July 23rd, 2016 in Waterloo, IA. The lineup looks terrific:


On this week’s Roberts Report:

We mentioned briefly at the end of the show Eric Roberts showing interest in appearing in SHARKNADO 3. Send your messages to The Asylum and tell ’em WE WANT ROBERTS.

We discussed the gift that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave to Michelle Obama, as mentioned in this article from Maclean’s magazine:


For Michelle Obama:

First Lady Michelle Obama received a blue beaded cape from fourth-generation indigenous artist Tammy Beauvais of Kahnawake, Que. Three glass beads on the cape once belonged to the designer’s great grandmother. Beauvais has been designing Aboriginal clothing since she was 13, and her work has been purchased by politicians and their spouses, including Aline Chrétien, wife of former prime minister Jean Chrétien. Many of the first ladies of North America, South America and Central America own the Sky Woman Cape. (Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau was also gifted a similar cape, in winter white.) Beauvais’ work is also popular with celebrities, including Robert De Niro, who owns a satin Tree of Peace Native Design vest, and Julia Roberts’ brother, actor Eric Roberts.


We discussed the launch of http://z420.tv/ and its Eric Roberts-related programming. Eric’s segments are called WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? and can be found right here:



We also have an interview with the founder of the network, which can be read right here:



Starpulse mentioned Eric Roberts Twitter rave about his co-star Robert Pattinson in the upcoming movie GOOD TIME:


Have a (now-deleted) picture of them together



Finally, we discussed the upcoming Webseries SWEDISH DICKS starring Peter Stomare and Johan Glans. This article:


Mentions that Keanu Reeves will be making some appearances in it, but the big news is a reteaming of Stomare and Eric Roberts!


Break #1 – “Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme” (Original)

Break #2 – “The Crusher” by The Cramps

Break #3 – “Stuck Between Stations” by The Hold Steady

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