Episode 18: Blood Red (1989) & Best of the Best II (1993) (/w Liam O’Donnell)


NO GUTS, NO GLORY on episode 18 of ERIC ROBERTS IS THE MAN as we tear into two carefully chosen Eric Roberts masterpieces. First is the only film featuring Eric and Julia Roberts acting together – as well as Elias Koteas, Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper’s horrific Irish accent! It’s 1989’s BLOOD RED and it *sucks*! Thankfully, that’s balanced by the glory of Wayne Newton, underground fighting, and a gigantic German man named Brakus! It’s BEST OF THE BEST II, and while it’s missing Eric Roberts’ glorious hair from the first, it adds a TON of goofy stuff to make up for it. ALSO: we announce our new co-host and have a live BLOOD OATH! You’re not gonna want to miss it.

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Liam O’Donnell is a gentleman, scholar and host of the Cinepunx podcast over at Cinepunx.com. You can find Liam on his Twitter feed @LiamRulz, and his writing occasionally appears over at cinapse.co.

The film PHOENIX can currently be viewed on Netflix. Liam was right. It’s really good.



Out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week is THE CONDEMNED II from WWE studies, featuring pro-wrestler Randy Orton along with ERIC ROBERTS playing his dad. This is a sequel to a film that starred Stone Cold Steve Austin, and I know nothing about it aside from the plot, which is:

A former bounty hunter who finds himself on the run as part of a revamped Condemned tournament, in which convicts are forced to fight each other to the death as part of a game that’s broadcast to the public.

Orton and director Roel Reiné previously worked together in the film 12 ROUNDS 2, which I *also* haven’t seen. I have, however, seen the FIRST 12 ROUND movie with John Cena and it really, really sucked.



Over at ALLAFRICA.COM is an article entitled Ay Produces ‘Trip to Jamaica’ for Jamaicans

You may recall me mentioning the film A TRIP TO JAMAICA previously, and this article elaborates a bit on its creation.

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun, (AY), has said that his new movie “Trip to Jamaica” was inspired by his knowledge of how Jamaicans patronize Nigerian films.

AY, who is the producer of the film, said the movie would hit the screen in months to come.

In a chat with journalists, AY said he intended to take the film to the Jamaicans for the love they show the Nigerian movie industry.

“They always want to watch our movies, so the best way to appreciate them back is to do something within their premise and create an aesthetic balance. This will make them like Nollywood even more,” AY said.

He also said the movie would feature popular actor, Eric Roberts, who is well loved by the Jamaicans.

I figure it’s called A TRIP TO JAMAICA because that’s why Eric Roberts is doing the film.



And finally on this week’s ROBERTS REPORT.. Recently added to the Eric Roberts ever-expanding IMDB page is a film called Q-4 DREAM CORPORATION, a science fiction movie from director Tim McKort


In “Q4 Dream Corporation” – a futuristic thriller about the government attempting to control people’s sleeping habits – Madsen plays the role of antagonist Brandon Payton, who runs a corporation that is connected to manipulating people’s dreams.


Break #1 –  “Blood Red” by Slayer

Break #2 – “Main Title (Best of the Best II)” by David Michael Frank

Break #3 – “Generator” by Bad Religion

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