Episode 11: The Prophecy II (1998) & Fast Sofa (2001) (/w Matthew Monagle)

It’s a punky ROBERTS party! Episode 11 of ERITFM arrives kicking and screaming and packed to the gills with intense ER-related goodness. Our first film features Christopher Walken, faux-Elias Koteas, DANZIG and Eric Roberts as an ANGEL! How appropriate! It’s THE PROPHECY II, and it’s not bad. Film #2 stars Jake Busey, Crispin Glover, Jennifer Tilly and some of the worst Eric Roberts hair ever put on film. It’s FAST SOFA from 2001, and responses are MIXED, which always makes for the best conversation. We’re joined by the amazing writer Matthew Monagle, who tells us some BEHIND THE SCENES FAST SOFA INFO. Come for paunchy Chris Walken, stay for the nerdity. ERIC ROBERTS.

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This week’s guest is the tremendous writer (and all-around human) Matthew Monagle, who can be found on Twitter at @LabSplice. Check out his assembled writing (for Daily Grindhouse, One Perfect Shot, Film School Rejects and others) at https://monagle.journoportfolio.com/. He likes bluegress and acapella.

Let’s get right to the latest Roberts Report news!

We briefly discuss the many Game Of Thrones message boards debating the possibility of ERIC ROBERTS joining the cast (as BROKEN here on ERITFM). Here’s the thread I was referring to.


I quote from this review of the recently released GOLDEN SHOES:


The quoted piece:

The star of the film is Eric Roberts as Christian’s villainous neighbor Frank. Roberts gives 110% every moment he’s on screen. In a film where it’s apparent nothing bad is going to happen to the kid, Robert’s is so convincing, it’s unclear what Frank will/won’t do to poor little Christian. Frank let’s his sons bully Christian and makes him sleep in the basement. How cruel!

On DEMAND on November 6th is THE CONDEMNED 2, starring WWE professional wrestler Randy Orton. Here’s the trailer for THAT.

Oh! And remember that adaptation of DANTE’S INFERNO I mentioned on the show? Here’s some footage from it! ERIC ROBERTS! FRANCO NERO! JEFF CONAWAY!

Break #1 – “Mother” by Danzig

Break #2 – “Cherry Pie” by Warrant

Break #3 – “Let’s Have a War” by Fear

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