Episode 10: Miss Castaway and the Island Girls (2004) & Wrong Cops (2013) (/w Michael Sullivan)

It’s the episode THE MAN didn’t want you to hear! Actually, Episode 10 of ERITFM is coming to you late because of technical difficulties (aka I screwed up the recording) but the wait is, uh, WORTH IT. This episode has it all: a #SPEEDBALL update, music from Dick Maloney, MICHAEL JACKSON, and, of course, Joe Millionaire. We’re joined by Shock Cinema’s Michael Sullivan, who brings his trademark wit – and awesome voice – to our discussion of the painful spoof MISS CASTAWAY AND THE ISLAND GIRLS and the extremely odd “comedy” WRONG COPS. Praise be to Eric Roberts, it’s time to listent!

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Let’s get right to the latest Roberts Report news!

Here’s that leaked Pulp Fiction cast list.


Eric Roberts as Lance! Almost! Sorta!

Oh, and don’t forget the music video for Chris Cornell’s “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” featuring spaghetti western tributes, shotgun marriages and ERIC ROBERTS.

For all the latest #SPEEDBALL news, you’re probably best off going to the #SPEEDBALL Facebook page. I go there every couple of months or so, which is why I was able to deliver some EXCITING news and this, uh, amazing image!


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And of course, be sure to check out the upcoming faith-based MMA movie VICTORY BY SUBMISSION with Lee Majors, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and ERIC ROBERTS. There’s a bunch of Behind-The-Scenes videos on the making of the film right here:

Break #1 – “Island Girl” by Elton John

Break #2 – “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle

Break #3 – “**** The Police” by N.W.A.

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