Episode 101: Eric Roberts Is The Man: Redux – Entourage (Season 5, Episode 5)

HEY! Have you head the news? The world’s FINEST Eric Roberts-related podcast is BACK. In REDUX form!

Eric Roberts is the MAN can now be found under the umbrella of Cinema Smorgasbord at CinemaSmorgasbord.com

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It’s the long awaited return of the world’s only Eric Roberts-related podcast, only this time things are a little different. In that we’ve slapped REDUX at the end of the title and it’s no longer bi-weekly. The rest is as you know and love, and this time we’re tackling a long-requested ERITFM project: Season 5, Episode 5 of the terminally bro-y TV series Entourage featuring Eric Roberts playing.. himself!

This time we’re joined by Justin Harlan from the Grindhouse Messiah podcast and The Farsighted Blog. Check him out on Twitter @thepaintedman.